We had a 3 day weekend for Labor Day. I was a little disappointed not to get out on the water at all, but happy to get the fiberglass epoxied on the boat yesterday. On the first boat I used a regular paint roller that held way too much epoxy. I ended up going through 48 oz of epoxy just in the wet out. This time I used a small foam roller and a flexible squeegee and went through much less epoxy. Total for the wet out was 27 oz.

First wet out

First wet out


I took the girls to Monkey Joe’s to burn off some energy for a few hours while the epoxy cured. Then I cut the corner under the gunwale and pulled the excess fiberglass off. The fill coat went on next and that took 12 oz as opposed to my previous 19.5. For the fill coat I used just the squeegee on the bottom and bilge panels and a chip brush on the vertical side panels. Definitely the best epoxy job I’ve done so far. I’m very pleased with the way this build is coming out. Still trying to decide on what paint to use.


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