We’ve been having some amazing weather for the long Thanksgiving weekend. It’s been sunny, dry and warm with temps hitting 70F. Yesterday the girls and I primed the interior of Fiona’s Toto. It really feels good to be at the painting stage. It seems like it’s taken a long time to get here.






This morning I had to wash down the rear deck and hatch with warm water to remove the amine blush that developed on the epoxy when I applied the epoxy in damp weather. I don’t seem to have a problem with blush when the weather is warm and dry. I’ve been using the Marinepoxy from Duckworks. After washing and drying, I sanded them down with the orbital sander and some 120 grit paper, then they got one side primed with Killz2 Latex primer. The airbox then got a coat of Behr ultra white exterior semi-gloss enamel. Later today I’ll give the rear deck and hatch a coat. Then I’m hoping to actually take a boat out on the water. Doesn’t look like much wind. Might be a paddling day.



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