Happy New Year!

The crazy weather finally broke for the new year. Woke up to temps in the 40s instead of 60s. The epoxy was pouring a little slow this morning, but I got right out there and did some work on the Toto. I first ran a chalk line along the length of the boat to ensure the skeg went on straight. Then I drilled a small pilot hole through the hull and a matching hole in the skeg. I mixed up 3 oz of epoxy and painted on an unthickened coat on the skeg. I then went back and thickened it up and gooped on a layer. I flipped the skeg into place on the screw and tightened it down in the front and clamped it in the back with a good amount of sqeeze out. I then thickened the remainder of the epoxy to fillet consistency and ran a line around the skeg.


skeg installed

I had a little left over and started a fillet under the gunwale. Once that ran out I mixed up another 4.5 oz, dropped it in a ziplock back and shot a line down one side of the boat and a little bit of the other side. I used my 3/4″ radius fillet stick to smooth in the fillet and with the excess I refilled the ziplock bag and finished laying in the other side.


gunwale fillet

After a bit more sanding we’ll be ready for bottom paint.

One final shot of the “boat shop” and the new Toto with the original hanging above it.




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