graphite coated skeg

I was working on a screen door project this afternoon. The screen had been ripped at the top of the door for some time and it was just enough of an opening that Carolina Wrens kept sneaking through it on their hunt for spiders and then getting stuck in the screen porch. The door is on the north east side of the house where it tends to stay a bit wet. The door also stuck to the concrete when fully opened. I decided to cut a 1/4″ off the door and give it a coat of epoxy to protect it from the elements.

screen door project

screen door project

I had enough epoxy left over that I coated the nose ring hole in the Toto and then mixed in some graphite powder and painted the skeg. The combination of epoxy and graphite is supposed to make a very durable finish. I’ve been debating coating the entire bottom of the Toto in this mixture. I may yet do it. In the mean time the white oak skeg with a graphite bottom should stand up to some dragging over rough terrain.

graphite covered skeg

graphite covered skeg

I didn’t have enough to cover the sides and they need a bit of touch up sanding first anyway. I’ll come back and get them later.


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