The shark is born

We’ve been blessed with some beautiful weather this weekend. It was much needed after all the recent cold. Temps in the 60s meant it was time to get some paint on the Toto. Yesterday I put the first coat of grey on the exterior. Then today I got distracted. I didn’t have the paint I needed and my new Lie-Nielsen block plane was calling to be used.

New block plane

New block plane

I’ve had a Greenland style kayak paddle in mind for some time. My friend Matt had an experimental boom that didn’t work out. Made from laminated SYP it was the perfect starting shape for a paddle. We ran it through the band saw to rough cut the shape and then I went at it today with the block plane. What a joy to work with compared to the cheap $20 plane I had before. Wow! In short time I had made a beautiful pile of little curly shavings and had a nicely rounded paddle.

Greenland paddle

Greenland paddle

I gave it a rough sanding, but it still needs some fine sanding and some spar varnish before it’s ready for the water. With that accomplished and still plenty of daylight left I headed to the hardware store to pick up a few more cans of Rust-oleum paint. I started work on the shark eyes and mouth since the grey paint was dry on the boat. The black work is nearly finished. The remainder of the mouth will be done in red.

Shark face in progress

Shark face in progress



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