Too much stuff

I’ve been really struggling with the shop the past few months. My neighbor gave me a 10″ radial arm saw. I’ve moved all the other big shop tools out of the carport. I was hoping the radial arm saw would do everything I need. I tried to cut through these big 16′ 2×12″ Southern Yellow Pine boards to make strips for the birds mouth mast. That’s when I realized the 15amp GFCI circuit i thought was dedicated to the car port and exterior outlets actually runs the living room TV and computer networking too. I think I’m giving up on the idea of trying to push these huge 16 footers through a tablesaw or the radial saw and I’m just going to jig my skillsaw. Heck of a lot easier to run a skillsaw down a board than to push the board through a stationary saw. In the mean time my wife also bought a motorcycle which moved into the carport along with her half taken apart scooter. I’ve spent so much more time moving stuff around than doing actual work. It’s really frustrating. We need a shed.

At least I got a nice kayaking trip in with the Carolina Kayaking Club




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