CLC Skerry

With life getting in the way, there hasn’t been much boat building going on. I still haven’t glued up that birdsmouth mast, but suddenly a CLC Skerry showed up on the local craigslist. A local hobby boat builder was selling it for the previous owner he had built it for last year. It came in complete at $2,300 with the entire sail kit still in the box. That’s cheaper than you can buy the kit from CLC. I couldn’t resist.


I still want to make a few tweaks to her. The oars need to be leathered as well as the spars. The downhaul for the sail needs to have some pulleys to give it some stronger purchase. There needs to be a line in the back over the tiller to keep it from slipping over the side of the boat into the water. I got a set of navigation lights for Christmas that can be strapped to the front. Still need to work out storage for the bilge pump. Eventually she’ll need an anchor for coastal exploration. The new Garmin 78SC will help with that too.

Since I haven’t been boat building, I decided I needed to get some proper fids to tie splices in braided line. I ordered the Selma fid set from Duckworks. It took 4 tries but I was finally able to get a splice around a block for the main sheet.


I used the leather sailmaker’s palm, needles and waxed thread from Duckworks to bind it off.

I also needed a trailer for the Skerry. I started with a simple box trailer that I inherited. I cut the trailer tongue and extended it with some angle iron. I added a winch-stand with punched steel pieces, but it’s a little flimsy. Version 2.0 of the trailer will be properly welded once my neighbor finds his welder again. The boat is flat bottomed so the flat trailer works great. I’ve added side supports and crossbars to carry the kayaks on top.

trailer in progress

trailer in progress

trailer complete

trailer complete

The winch stand is too flimsy to really hold the boat from moving. Over a bump on the way to the lake the boat shifted and slid off the roller.


Took the boat out today, the last day of 2016, for an afternoon sail. Temps were in the 40s. I wore multiple layers with the outer layer being water proof. Winds ranged from 5-15 depending on proximity to shore, etc. According to the new GPS we topped out at 6.4 mph on a beam reach. Much of the time we were doing 4-5 mph. Close hauled we’d drop down to 3-4 mph. There is still some work to be done to tune the sails a bit more, but I felt like it was pointing fairly well.



That max speed is obviously wrong. Should have been around 5.5 per the Garmin which would make sense. The angles on the map don’t look like we were pointing very well, but the wind was really shifting direction around the point.

I stopped to pour tea and eat some crackers near the end of the trip. I started in irons but the boat quickly fell off. By letting the sail fly free and pushing the tiller over we drifted slowly downwind taking the wind over the beam. This worked fine with no waves, but wouldn’t be very comfortable if we were rolling. All-in-all I’m very pleased with the Skerry and I think she’ll be a fine adventuring boat to take camping and down to the shore.


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