SS Chow Chow Foo

Schiff Kapitaen Johannes Peter Friedrich Christian Buhrmann

Schiff Kapitaen
Johannes Peter Friedrich Christian Buhrmann

My great-grandfather, Johannes Peter Friedrich Christian Buhrmann was born in Luebeck, Germany 17 May 1865. He died 10 May 1937. He was Captain of the SS Chow Chow Foo which sailed from Hamburg to the Far East ports of Newchwang, Saigon, Hongkong & Shanghai. The ship was owned by the Dampschiffs Gesellschaft (Steamship Company) “Swatow” which owned 6 vessels. The SS Chow Chow Foo was an iron steamship schooner with a single screw built in 1885 by Henry Koch in Luebeck. She was 796 tons, 202′ long, 27′ wide and 14′ deep with a 12′ quarterdeck and a 47′ bridgedeck. The engine was a 2 cylinder 100hp. Her first captain in 1885 was a man named Wendt.

Family history says that Johannes had to flee China during the Boxer Rebellion and may have been imprisoned in Australia for a time. The ship was picked up by the Korean government in 1901 and renamed in 1906 as the “Hang Sung” for the Korea Mail SS Co. Ltd. Chemulpo. In 1912 she was sold to the Japanese and renamed the “Han Sang Maru” for Kyodo Yusen GK, Fusan (JPN). In 1916 she was sold and renamed the “Hoyen Maru” by K. Fukagawa, Tarumi. She foundered and was lost in March 1917 location unknown.


  • When did Johannes become captain
  • Identify the flags
  • picture of the ship
  • ship travel logs

3 thoughts on “SS Chow Chow Foo

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  2. Hi – I am very interested in the Chow Chow Foo and have some information about the ship while it was owned by the Korean Government. Would very much like to hear from you

  3. Our Museum owns a photograph taken in a Japanese studio at Nagasaki. The photo shows a German looking man in Japanese clothes. The handwritten inscription on the back identifies him as “Wilhelm (?) Boldt”, the 2nd machinist of SS. Chow Chow Foo. Boldt dedicated this photo, on Jan 1st 1901, to a commander of the hospital ship Gera who treated Boldt when he was a patient on this hospital ship.

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